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rae threat: los angeles-based artist / fotographr / media producer

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belated: the uncensored pizza eating porn watching pov.
on set for courtney trouble and chelsea poe’s FUCKING MYSTIC. hahaha xx

not going to label myself punk, not gonna label myself queer, not even gonna label myself a feminist. because that’s what everyone does — label shit. labels are for judgement calls and brief assessments of what you’re really all about. fuck those labels. i’m who i am without the labels. equal as you are to me and without the fucking typecast. 

that’s my thought for the day.

happy 4th of july!

— rae


Thank you for such amazing kind words, KK! :D

New on, a rather dark and sexy photo set shot by the stylish Rae Threat who’s known for her haunting images. Every lady in porn wants to be shot by Rae and I’m no different. We’ve worked together many times over the years, collaborating on the Mishka Spring 2012 look book and various photography shows and art events.

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oh, just my print of kimberly kane next to a giant portrait of andy warhol by famed photographer karen bystedt. no big deal.

the show will be up for the entire month of june @ gallerie sparta. go check it out xx (at Gallerie Sparta)
i have a piece in this amazing art show at Gallerie Sparta. red carpet opening is May 30th. please RSVP: (at Gallerie Sparta)
not sure if i’ve mentioned it, but i have an art show on april 19th @ private island :)
getting prints sorted for my art show on april 19th :) (at Thvm)
I’m throwing a fundraiser art show on April 19th @ Private Island. Solo exhibit :)

More info:
not an april’s fools prank. i’m about to film my first documentary :)

more info:
the disneyland of poop! (at Hyperion Treatment Plant)
i’m in an art show this weekend! // try to forget, march 8th @ the rat factory, hollywood xoxo (at The Rat Factory - Gallery)
random photo of clouds from a planr because i don’t know what image is most appropriate to share my excitement right now cuz… guys, i’m about to make my first film and OH MY FUCKING GOD I’M MAKING A FILM!!!!! :D :D :D
#throwbacktitties jessie andrews
hey, it’s of my prints of @misscrashcom! thanks for the photo of the photo @mostexalted c/o @samguss! yay!
about to put these fresh prints of gracie glam up for sale » #gracieglam @glamchowdr xxo