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rae threat: los angeles-based artist / fotographr / media producer

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getting prints sorted for my art show on april 19th :) (at Thvm)
I’m throwing a fundraiser art show on April 19th @ Private Island. Solo exhibit :)

More info:
not an april’s fools prank. i’m about to film my first documentary :)

more info:
the disneyland of poop! (at Hyperion Treatment Plant)
i’m in an art show this weekend! // try to forget, march 8th @ the rat factory, hollywood xoxo (at The Rat Factory - Gallery)
random photo of clouds from a planr because i don’t know what image is most appropriate to share my excitement right now cuz… guys, i’m about to make my first film and OH MY FUCKING GOD I’M MAKING A FILM!!!!! :D :D :D
#throwbacktitties jessie andrews
hey, it’s of my prints of @misscrashcom! thanks for the photo of the photo @mostexalted c/o @samguss! yay!
about to put these fresh prints of gracie glam up for sale » #gracieglam @glamchowdr xxo
shots of ela darling, fresh off the printers! available now at :) nivea cream and quarters not included. xoxo
Yaaayyy! It’s @davidfarrier’s feet with one of my prints of Kimberly Kane! Thanks so much, Farrier!! XOXOXO this print is available at
#bts of courtneytrouble shooting michelle austin + ruckus xxx for and… swoooooon! 

up for grabs at the studiowarming fundraiser on thursday: @raethreat is selling some gorgeous fine art prints from our last shoot together!

8x10 prints of courtney trouble that i’ve taken! no censorship on actual prints :)
here’s all the info:
see you guys tomorrow! XOXOXO
still working on this. // model: gracie glam. xx
this was taken for my art show in vienna (a couple years ago). model: april flores xoxo